We are adding some classrooms to our primary department on The Golden Lane Campus 

Our vision for the Golden Lane Campus is to create an inclusive environment that supports a diverse range of children and families. From those with profound needs in the existing Richard Cloudesley classes to mainstream pupils in Prior Weston School, we aim to provide comprehensive support across the continuum.

Our co-located partner, Prior Weston School, caters for mainstream pupils, including those with moderate special educational needs. These are either part of their ‘additionally resourced provision’ (ARP) or fully integrated into mainstream classrooms.

Our goal, through the expansion of the Richard Cloudesley Primary department, is to bridge the gap between our pupils and those in the ARP at Prior Weston. This will enable the campus to cater to a wide range of needs, from the most complex to mainstream.

The new Richard Cloudesley classrooms will cater for pupils who will benefit from our specialised teaching and communication support. These pupils may have a broad range of special educational needs, including Autism, and severe/complex learning difficulties in addition some pupils may also have physical disabilities/medical needs.

We are committed to ensuring the safety of all our pupils at the campus, and as such, we will not be able to accommodate pupils whose behaviour could put others at significant risk.



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