Information for Parents

We are a sensory service based in Islington providing support to Islington schools/settings.

If your child has been referred to our service either by the hospital, their school/provision, or a health practice for having a hearing loss and/or visual impairment, once we have received consent for the referral from you, we will liaise with your child's school/provision directly to arrange an appointment to go in to do an observation/assessment.  If your child is very young and is currently not at a nursery/school placement, then we will contact you directly to do a home visit.

Soon after we have received the referral, you will receive a letter of confirmation from us at your home address explaining our Service and enclosing a copy of our leaflet.

Service Leaflet

Our Advisory Teachers will visit your child’s school in order to provide support/guidance based on your child's diagnosis and on the level of intervention required.  Each child receives a set number of visits during the school year from one of the service’s advisory teachers. The number of visits allocated will correspond with your child’s level of need and the National Sensory Impairment Partnership (NatSIP) eligibility framework.  The Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) should notify you of when the visit will take place and also be able to provide you with a copy of the report Record of Visit (RoV) following the visit.

Here is an example template of the RoV report which the Advisory Teacher will produce and send to the school/provision asking them to share it with the class teacher(s) and parent(s).

Accompanying the RoV will be a support plan, usually sent annually or when we receive new updated medical information for your child.  Below is an example of a plan.

If you would like further information about the service or support provided by our team, then please speak to the SENCo at your child’s school.  Alternatively you can contact us directly and we can signpost you and/or speak to the school's SENCo on your behalf.  We are happy to answer any of your queries, but your first point of contact should be with the school/provision where your child attends.  We look forward to supporting your child.


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