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Policies and other information

Where we have adopted policies as recommended by the local authority, these can be obtained from the school office.

Paper copies are available to parents on request (free of charge).


Safeguarding Policy Suite

 Anti-Bullying Policy-Headteacher - Secondary.pdfDownload
 Bereavement Policy.pdfDownload
 Children Missing in Education Policy-Headteacher - Secondary.pdfDownload
 Code of conduct.pdfDownload
 Communicating with parents policy-imac2cloudesley copy.pdfDownload
 Community Acceptable Behaviour Policy.pdfDownload
 E Safety Policy.pdfDownload
 Health & Safety Policy.pdfDownload
 Intimate Care Policy-Headteacher - Secondary.pdfDownload
 Managing Medical Conditions & First Aid Policy.pdfDownload
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Teaching & Learning Policy Suite

 Admissions Policy.pdfDownload
 EYFS Policy.pdfDownload
 Literacy Statement Mar 2020.pdfDownload
 RC PROSPECTUS.pdfDownload
 SEN Policy.pdfDownload
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Personnel Policy Suite

 Complaints Policy and Procedure March 2020.pdfDownload
 equalities duty.pdfDownload
 Grievance procedure February 2020 - Schools HR model.pdfDownload
 Whistleblowing procedure January 2020 - Schools HR model.pdfDownload
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Governors have adopted further personnel policies that can be found on the Islington CS website. Click here to go directly to this site. A login is required.  These policies are subject to amendment by Islington. 

 Accessibility Plan - Secondary.pdfDownload
 Charging & Remissions policy.pdfDownload
 SEN Inf Report March 2019.pdfDownload
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Data Protection Information

 Data Protection Policy.pdfDownload
 FOI Guide to information.pdfDownload
 FOI Model Publication Scheme.pdfDownload
 Freedom of Information Policy.pdfDownload
 Pupil Privacy Notice.pdfDownload
 Staff Privacy Notice.pdfDownload
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