Early Years



At Richard Cloudesley School, we provide all pupils in their early years with the best start to their education journey.


We are able to take nursery pupils as young as two years old for full-time placements, allowing them to access school and resources at the earliest stages of their development.


Early intervention allows our youngest pupils the opportunity to develop their physical, communication and social skills.  


Our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) provision follows the statutory guidelines for all Early Years pupils in the 7 areas of learning and development. 


The core areas are: 

  • Communication and Interaction 
  • Personal, social, and Emotional Development 
  • Physical Development 


Specific Areas: 

  • Literacy 
  • Mathematics 
  • Understanding the World 
  • Expressive Arts and Design 


To ensure pupils have the best start possible in school, the EYFS class team work closely with our Whittington Health NHS therapist and medical team. With their support in school we are able to carry out specific programs allowing pupils to reach their fullest potential. We make sure pupils to have as much independence as possible.  


Our transition into school process begins with parent visits or EHCP paperwork from Local Education Authorities (LEA) seeking an appropriate placement. When we determine we can meet the EHCP,  the Early Years Teacher will be in contact directly with parents to arrange a consultation visit within two weeks of receiving a potential pupils consultation. This visit can happen in our school or at a current nursery/school setting. Once it is deemed that we can meet a pupils needs at our school, and we have an available place, the LEA will be notified. At the time the placement is agreed the Early Years Teacher will contact parents to arrange transition days into school. 


Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) meetings happen 6 monthly for nursery pupils, once in Reception this will happen once a year At this time Personal Development Targets (PDTs) are agreed and are reviewed half termly.  


All EYFS pupils are assessed using EY Steps (Core and/or Specific areas depending on age and ability).