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Home School Agreement




All pupils have a home/school diary or book; some also use a step by step switch to take news between home and school. Once again parents and carers are expected to read or listen to messages and respond to these if necessary. In Secondary home IEP targets are written in the diary and parents are encouraged to work towards these targets and record progress in the diary


Therapists and Medical staff


Relevant phone numbers are shared with parents and carers and are recorded on the back page of the home/school communication books or within the diary. Parents are welcome to call therapist and medical staff during the school day, if they are busy then an answer machine will take a message and a therapist will call you back. Now that we are on two sites parents may find that the message is not answered until the following day. If there is an urgent message please call and speak to the primary or secondary school office. 


Pupil Progress Meetings and Annual Review Meetings 


Parents/carers are asked to attend 4 meetings throughout the year. 


Once a term they are asked to attend their child’s Pupil Progress Meeting to review progress towards meeting the EHC Support Plan goals. Appointments are sent out and parents are asked to sign up for a convenient time. The parent and teacher can discuss progress on the previous term’s target and set the coming term’s target. 


Once a year parents/carers are expected to attend their child’s Annual Review. This is when the child’s EHCP is reviewed and progress and achievements are reported. The reports are sent to parents/carers prior to the meeting so that there is time to read them in detail. At the meeting the report will be discussed, the objectives and targets on the statement reviewed and new targets agreed for the coming year. This meeting will involve all professionals working with the child and can include social workers, outreach teams, private therapists as well as the school multi disciplinary team. It is an important meeting which we expect parents/carers to attend and give their views on their child’s progress. The annual review process for secondary pupils is currently under review with a move towards a person centred planning approach. 


The Annual Review usually takes place on a  Wednesday afternoon in Primary at either 1pm pr 2pm and a Thursday morning in Secondary at either 10am or 11am. If this is not possible please let us know and we can arrange a time after school. 


Parent / Carers’ Responsibilities 


To be as proactive in their child’s learning as possible

To inform school if their child is going to be absent 

To inform the school about any important medical information or change in medical information following appointments

To carefully consider whether your child should attend school if he/she is unusually unwell

To inform transport agency if their child is going to be absent 

To check home and school communication books/devices daily and respond if appropriate

To attend IEP / Progress meetings 

To attend their child’s Annual Review 

To inform the school staff of any changes in mobile or land line telephone numbers or addresses as soon as they change

To seek the Headteacher’s permission if their child is going to be absent from school for a period of time

To pay for school dinners or ensure that appropriate papers are given to the school office if free dinners are appropriate


Person Centred Annual Reviews - Parent Information

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