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Our Teachers

We have a team of excellent teachers, each of whom brings their own skills and expertise to the School.  You can contact them via the School, or by clicking on the links below.

Sean McDonald
Dan Woodman
Caroline Brown

Natalie Fry


Deputy Headteacher 

Assistant Headteacher, Head of Primary

Assistant Headteacher, Head of 6th Form 



Sophie Weir

Shepa Begum
Rebecca Fahy
Jo Lancaster
Michelle Mann

Lucy Pook

Martyna Raczka

Joanna Ross
Annette Petrenko

Chris Smaling

Darin Thomas




Class Teacher, Upper Primary
Class Teacher, 3SB
Class Teacher, 4RF
Transition and Class Specialist
Class Teacher, Lower Primary

Art Teacher (both sites)  
Class Teacher, 5MR
Class Teacher, Early Years
Class Teacher, 3AP

Class Teacher, 3CS

Class Teacher, Middle Primary

PE Coach