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PSHE and Citizenship

Health education is a very important aspect of PSHE. We work with The City of London Police on drug and alcohol awareness as part of the DARE Project. We encourage children to make healthy life choices and teach about the benefits of exercise, healthy eating and emotional health. Pupils practice looking after themselves, for example brushing their teeth, using deodorant, in as independent a way as possible and we take advice from the OTs on ways to support this. Young people with disabilities and learning difficulties can be very vulnerable and we teach them strategies to recognise and cope with problems, such as stranger danger. At the lower levels this might be about developing their ability to express when they are unhappy about something. We have a mindfulness program which runs throughout the school, enabling students some time to self-reflect and develop effective strategies to manage daily life.

We work closely with Brook Advisory Service. They help young people, teachers and families to think about support young people with disabilities need as they reach puberty and become adults. 


For information about our approach to teaching Sex & Relationships (SRE) please read our SRE Policy. This also includes our SRE scheme of work (Appendix A)

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