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Class Timetables

These timetables show the main learning activities for each class throughout the week.  Therapy programmes, small group or individual sessions and other interventions are planned to take place throughout the week alongside timetables lessons. 


 Class 1 Timetable 2017-2018 .pdfDownload
 Class 2 Timetable 2017-2018.pdfDownload
 Class 3 Timetable 2017-2018 .pdfDownload
 Class 4 Timetable 2017-2018 .pdfDownload
 Class 5 timetable 2017-2018.pdfDownload
 Class 6 Timetable 2017 - 2018.pdfDownload
 EYFS timetable 2017 - 2018.pdfDownload
 LP Timetable 2017-2018.pdfDownload
 UP class timetable 2017-18.pdfDownload
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