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The Government wants to help parents to work, or work for longer, by making more appropriate paid quality childcare available during the week and in the school holidays. The Government are calling this ‘Wraparound Childcare’.


Parents of children at school from 5 to 14 have a right to request that the school provides wraparound and holiday childcare.


As part of this process, we are consulting until Friday 26 November 2021 to ascertain the level of interest from families for us to provide wraparound childcare. This consultation will assist the school’s decision (depending on interest) about whether or not we set up wraparound childcare from January 2022.


Before making your decision, please consider:

  • Parents will be charged for this service
  • Parents will be responsible for organising transport
  • We are likely to employ external staff to support your children in any scheme we may operate
  • Any sessions requested will need to be paid for in advance.


After the consultation has ended on 26 November 2021 a panel of Governors and Senior Leadership will meet to consider the requests, including the following points:

  • Numbers of families interested
  • Number of sessions required across the week
  • Feasibility to be cost effective for parents.


Once the panel have met and a decision is made, we will inform all parents of the outcome by letter.


This consultation sits independent of our current provision, namely Thursday after school club, Easter scheme and summer scheme. We will continue to offer this irrespective of the outcome of the consultation.


If you would like to request wraparound childcare for February 2022 onwards, there is a form below. If you would like a printed copy of this document, please let us know and we will send one home.