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Partners and Collaborations

The curriculum at Richard Cloudesley is enriched through a range of external visits in the local community and partnerships with other organisations. This currently includes:
  • London Symphony Orchestra
  • The Barbican Exhibition Centre
  • City of London Police
  • Northern Line Children's Fund
  • Guardian Newspaper
  • Museum of London
  • Action for Kids
  • The Geffrye Museum
  • Music for Change
  • Lords Taverners
  • ACE (Aids in Communication and Education)
  • CENMAC (Centre for Micro-Assisted Communication)
  • Chigwell Riding Trust
  • Freemasons
  • Post Office
BP Project

The school has a long-standing partnership with the BP head office in the City of London. In 2009 a senior leadership team from BP ran a project with our sixth formers to raise funds for (and design!) our new sensory room in the secondary department.

The team designed and printed Christmas cards and ran a Christmas stall at the local market with our students. As well as fundraising, the BP team gave up several weekends to build and decorate the sensory room. We raised £10,000 and the students developed enterprise skills. The school now has an excellent space which is frequently used.

A great partnership!

City of London Bike Project

We have a very successful community link with the City of London Police. Once a month members of their cycle squad run a bike afternoon for our pupils. They have been proactive in raising funds so that Reccumberants could bring additional specialist bikes to each session. This means all pupils can experience the freedom of riding, how exciting!

This joint venture was so successful that they decided to try and raise £4,000 so that we could have our own bucket seat bike and thus be able to increase the times we could use it.

PC Stuart Ford set about raising the funds, and guess what? - in February 2010 Superintendant Lorraine Cussen and Chief Inspector Paul Barnard presented Anne with our own bike

The Post Office

The Post Office have a big headquarters building just around the corner from our primary department.  We are fortunate that they have chosen us as their favourite charity this year, and they are working hard raising funds for us.  They are organising all sorts of social events such as lunch time barbeques and cake sales.  We are really grateful for all their support.
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