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Islington has a variety of advice and information for young people and their families.



Low Vision Clinic


The Low Vision Centre offers a specialised service for adults with learning difficulties. We are able to provide eye examinations for people who have communication difficulties. Our optometrist is trained in different techniques to make an eye test less stressful and more accessible.


There are about 1million adults in the UK with a learning disability and according to new research they are 10 times more likely to have serious sight problems than other people.


Sometimes they are not able to communicate that they are having problems seeing and therefore regular eye checks are highly recommended.


How much will it cost?  This commissioned service is FREE of charge.


To refer, please ring 020 7391 2241 or email




Schools and settings have the prime responsibility for ensuring pupils with sensory difficulties achieve outcomes in line with their peers and become independent learners. The role of the Richard Cloudesley Outreach Service is to build capacity in schools so that staff can provide personalised learning opportunities and pupils can be included in the school community.

This service supports children who are in Islington schools & settings. The service provides advice to schools and settings to ensure children with sensory difficulties make progress in line with their peers and become independent learners.


The referral process






If a pupil is identified by the local authority or health service, the Head of Service will contact the school to discuss the referral. If it is considered appropriate for the Outreach Service to be involved the school will complete the referral process as described above. A copy of the referral form be sent to our administrator with medical confirmation. The Head of Service or Advisory Teacher will respond to referrals within one week of receiving a complete referral and additional documentation, including medical confirmation. Where referrals come via health recommendations we will use the referral form to help collect consistent baseline information.

Referral Form