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Intensive Interaction

Intensive Interaction is used to develop the communication skills of pupils who have not learned to use more formal modes of communication such as words, symbols or makaton.


In Intensive Interaction sessions adults work with pupils on a one to one basis. Pupils lead the session with their voices, movements or by making choices about what activity they would like to do. The learn early communication skills such as:

Learning to give brief attention to another person;
To share attention with another person;
Learning to extend those attentions, learning to concentrate on another person;
Developing shared attention into ‘activities’;
Taking turns in exchanges of behavior;
Using and understanding eye contact;
Using and understanding facial expressions;
Using and understanding of non verbal communication such as gesture and body language;
Learning use and understanding of vocalizations, having vocalizations become more varied and extensive, then more precise and meaningful.

Many pupils in the department have benefited from this 1:1 approach.  

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