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G. Miscellaneous questions

211. What else would change at the school?


There would be very little that obviously changes in the day to day running of our the school. Keeping all that is special about our school, whilst being allowed to continue to grow and develop, is very important to us. Academies are required to follow the laws and guidance on admissions and special educational needs, as in maintained schools. Academies have to ensure that they are at the heart of their community, collaborating and sharing facilities and expertise with the wider community.


The governors of each of the schools would be committed to retaining their existing names within the new multi-academy trust structure.


2. Can we spend our charity money as we wish?


Money raised for a particular charitable purpose has to be spent on what it was raised for. So yes, we would continue to be able to spend charity money as we wish.


Sadly though, we get very little in donations these days. The Bridge London Trust have someone whose role is to raise money and so we may get more coming in to our charity if we join them.