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For 2017-18 partnerships with families is part of our whole school improvement plan. We will be working with a number of external family support charities on this. We have also set up a Family Facebook Page whereby we share information/events that may be beneficial to our families and information that relates to school life.


Parents/Carers Workshops


We held our third parent coffee morning took place on Friday, 9th March 2018 with Sara and Atakan at St Lukes Community Centre. Although some parents were unable to attend due to their children being off school the morning was beneficial in that parents shared knowledge and information regarding back care, the difficulties in carrying out personal care with a growing child, to the subject of holiday's and a parent sharing that there are charitable organisations that can help with funding.   We then shared this information with some links via our school community facebook page so all parents could access this information.


We are hosting our fourth coffee morning on Friday, 11th May and as well as "our regulars" we hope to welcome some new faces too.


Mental Health/Mindfulness morning with Martyna and Direct Action Project

Friday, 18th May 2018 between 10am - 12.00 - This will take place at Golden Lane Campus, 101 Whitecross Street, EC1


Martyna one of our 6th form teachers who also practices Mindfulness within the school with both students and staff alike will be  hosting a session for "Mental Health Awareness Week" with Direct Action Project. In view of our discussions at the coffee morning the session will focus on stress and the links between daily life stress, aniexty and depression and the impact of bereavement on mental health. We have also asked her to look at the effects of sleep deprivation on mental health as this issue is something that effects the majority of our parents.


A flyer will be sent home after the Easter break detailing the morning and the venue.




Awards Night 2018


Our annual awards night will be on 22 June this year and be held at out secondary site. Please book tickets in advance here:   or on our private Facebook community:  


The theme this year is "A Midsummer Night's Dream"!!!

CENTRE 404 are continuing their weekly parental "Drop In" sessions at Golden Lane Campus, Whitecross Street, London EC1Y 8JA. They will take place between 9.30am and 11.30am every Thursday and have now been running since September 2016. These sessions are open to parents/carers across all London Boroughs, not just Islington residents.

Centre 404 - Weekly Parental "Drop In" Sessions at Golden Lane Campus - Every Thursday