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D. Governance and accountability arrangements

17. What about the way in which our school is governed? Would that change?


Yes and no.


Yes, in that legally the MAT would have responsibilities for the governance of the school.


No, in that the current governing body would continue to exist and be called a local Governing Bodygoverning body (LGB) and the MAT would delegate to the local Governing Bodygoverning body responsibility for many tasks required for the running of the school. The arrangements by which responsibilities are passed to the local Governing Bodygoverning body and the head teacher would be set out in a document called the Scheme of Delegation.


2. “Who decides on the budget and how is it split between schools?”


Each school in a MAT has its own budget, based largely on the funding allocated to each pupil. Money that is meant for one pupil in a school cannot be moved to support other pupils in other schools. Therefore, each school’s budget is completely separate. Just like the LEA do now though, the MAT would top slice a small percentage to cover central services.


3. Would we still have staff and parent governors?




In the last 18 months, the government has re-asserted the importance of staff and parent governors for all schools, and the 2017 DfE Governance Handbook is unequivocal about the need to engage meaningfully with staff and parents and enable them to put forward their views about their child’s education.


Richard Cloudesley School would have its own local governing body, as it does now. This would include a staff and parent representative.