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Welcome to 5i!

We are one of two classes that make up the 6th form here at Richard Cloudesley. We are specialists in communication and are fluent in many exciting ways of communicating including BSL, eye gaze technology, PODD, Makaton and speaking (including lots of second languages!). We are leaders in the school and we like to take on responsibility for helping to plan projects, lead student council and support other students in their learning. We follow a curriculum that focuses on developing life skills and communication so that we can increase our independence at home, at school and in the community.       
       We follow the National Curriculum for English, maths and PSHE and we have additional accredited courses in Life Skills and Vocational Studies from NOCN. Some of us take GCSE art and drama inclusion at our co-located mainstream secondary City of London Academy - Islington.

To supplement our curriculum we have access to range of therapies, tailored to our individual needs. These include:

  • Class based physiotherapy sessions and individual stretching/standing/walking/cycling programmes;
  • Rebound therapy (trampolining) sessions, working on physiotherapy and communication goals;
  • Class based speech and language therapy sessions;
  • Class based occupational therapy sessions;
  • Blocks of hydrotherapy at our pool in the primary department.

This year, we are working towards building up our communication, independence and self-advocacy so that we can show off what we have learned on our week long school journey in the summer term.

Our class is lead by the class teacher Natalie.  This year is her sixth year at Richad Cloudesley School.  Natalie moved over to work in special needs after teaching in a mainstream Yr4 Class within London for a short while.  Currently Natalie is working across the school to ensure that communication systems are used consistently, in order to empower and educate our pupils to have autonomy with their voice, as well as to progress on their individual learning journey.


Natalie can be reached at 


You can read our scheme of work for this year here. 


 Parents please follow our class on Twitter @cloudesley5i