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Welcome to 5a!

We are a 6th form class and there are seven of us. We focus on developing our skills through a sensory curriculum with an emphasis on communication. Our activities are tailored to bring out the best in us and to highlight our strengths.

There are five teaching assistants in our class. They all bring new ideas and creativity to our class and they ensure that coming to school is about learning but also about having a great time too!


Our lessons are based on the National Curriculum, covering English, Maths, Vocational Studies, PSHE and ICT. All these lessons are taught by Martyna. We have different teachers for Music, PE and Life Skills. The topics for each lesson are carefully planned and adjusted to particular needs and abilities. We learn through art, drama and by using various sensory approaches. We have Intensive Interaction sessions on a regular basis and we use those skills we learn in practical, everyday situations. Most of us are assessed using the Profound Curriculum.


We also have regular rebound therapy sessions, hydrotherapy, speech and language therapy, and physio session where we follow our individual plans which include stretching, standing and walking.


A current 5a topic is ‘Light and Dark’. We have been exploring it in lots of creative ways: through art, textures, making puppets and various experiments. We use the sensory room to deepen our understanding of that interesting topic. We have even used our cooking sessions to explore the topic further, for example by making cakes with black and white icing. Mencap have been working with us during our vocational studies and they helped us organise a puppet show. We have also been creating our sensory books about seasons which we enjoy reading in our class.

About our Teacher:

Our class teacher, Martyna Raczka, encourages us to have a ‘can do’ attitude and we celebrate each and every achievement no matter how big or small. She also emphasises the importance of independence and taking responsibility for our learning. Martyna has been teaching at our school for five years now and she has a great deal of expertise and has had a lot of training in working with students with complex needs.

Our class teacher can be contacted via email:


Parents please follow our class on Twitter @cloudesley5a