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Welcome to 3SB!


We are a Key Stage 3 and 4 class for pupils with a range of complex needs. Our class focuses on developing the fundamentals of communication and exploration of our environment through a range of sensory activities. Lessons are planned to meet the individual needs of each pupil, to make learning engaging and enjoyable for all.






Our class teacher is Shepa Begum, who teaches us for the majority of the week. We also have four teaching assistants in our class, who support our learning and help us with our care needs. We often have student nurses placed in the class to offer additional care and support. 


In 3SB we study the National Curriculum, focusing on the P Scales at P1-P4. Shepa teaches us our core subjects (English, maths, science, ICT, PSHE) and we have additional teachers for our PE and humanities lessons. National Curriculum subjects are adapted to make them engaging and meaningful for all learners, and lessons are planned around termly themes to provide a context for leaning. For example, in English we have 1:1 sessions of Intensive Interaction to work on our ability and motivation to communicate with adults, and we have sensory stories based on the termly theme.           



We are also developing the use of the profound curriculum in Secondary, which is an assessment method that breaks down progress into smaller steps at P1-P4. This may make it easier for Shepa identify and celebrate all the small steps in our progress. 



To supplement our curriculum we have access to range of therapies, tailored to our individual needs. These include:


  • Class based physiotherapy sessions and individual stretching/standing/walking/cycling programmes;
  • Rebound therapy (trampolining) sessions;
  • Class based speech and language therapy sessions;


Click here to read our Scheme of Work for this year.


Shepa can be contacted by emailing: 

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