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Welcome to 3RF!


The current students in 3RF created a class pact that reflects the ethos of the classroom: "Put your hand up in lessons and don't call out. Always listen to others. Always try your hardest. Be kind and friendly to everyone at school. Respect all adults and other children.".


Other strong elements found within our learning environment are confidence building and fostering independence. We are not afraid to make mistakes, support each other, and provide the needed tools to succeed when these learning opportunities occur.



        The students take part in a variety of physical and social supports offered throughout the school year. This includes rebound therapy, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, a variety of school clubs, inclusion opportunities, and school trips linked to the curriculum.

3RF studies the national curriculum and Rebecca adapts it to each student’s physical and communicative needs. Each subject is cross-curricular with a focus on functional literacy skills.


We have four teaching assistants in our class, who support student learning and care needs. Additionally, student nurses and student teachers are also placed within the classroom throughout the year.

You can read the scheme of work for this class here.


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 Parents please follow our class on Twitter@cloudesley3RF