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Welcome to Class 3CS!

There are seven students in our class.  Chris is our form tutor and there are four teaching assistants who support him and us in our work and achievements.


We use the National Curriculum as the starting point for planning lessons in our class and then adapt  the content so that it is appropriate to the needs of our students.  Different teachers work with our class, each of them brings their own expertise and variety in the way they teach which makes learning here more interesting for learners in our class. 


Wherever possible our lessons have tactile and other sensory input to help us engage with our work and develop our understanding.  

Communication and interaction targets and strategies are also integrated into all lessons.


 A number of different therapists also work with us and provide programmes that are followed throughout the week.




About our Teacher:

Chris started out in mainstream schools as a science teacher before specialising in teaching pupils with special needs.  He studied for a Postgraduate Diploma in Special Education and has worked in a number of different special schools in his career so far. 


You can read our Scheme of Work here.


Please feel free to contact us. Our class teacher’s email address is


You can follow us on Twitter at:   @cloudesley3cs